Fashion. Your Way.


Designer Decree

  • No Business in a Box (BIAB), reselling or affiliate vendors, copybotted, stolen items or images
  • No sending notices for other products/stores other than the business you registered with your kiosk
  • One business per registration. However, you can have multiple kiosks for different locations
  • No Nudity and or explicit adult themed content other than skin ads
  • No Spam- everything must be fashion related (spammers will be booted)
  • The Fashioncentric Kiosk must be visible in your store at all times (preferably in front so customers have easy access to rate your business)
  • The Fashioncentric Group must be visible in your profile
  • Post up to 2 group notices per week (latest sales, fashion releases, news events, and quality freebies). Please use notecards and always include your business name, pictures, info and a LM
  • Unique Star-ratings feature with text reviews that ensures the higher your store is rated, the higher it will be featured at the top of the website Store Guide
  • Full-featured store listing complete with your logo, star-ratings, text reviews, teleport link, website and/or SL Marketplace link on our perpetually updated Store Guide on our website.
  • Showcase your newest products with listings on our beautiful self-service syndicated Newness page that also posts to our Facebook page and Twitter. Think of it as a one-stop posting drop that's also the perfect companion to your group posts! (post unlimitedly by simply logging into our Newness page and creating a post).
  • Increase the visibility of your store and products with our perpetually updated Blogroll page listing for your blog or website that lists the most recently updated first (Must have RSS Feed enabled).
  • Exclusive Fashioncentric Tour HUD showcasing your store to enhance it’s visibility, reach more customers, and increase your traffic and sales.
  • Exclusive Fashioncentric Kiosk that’s also a Greeter, Item Giver, and Visitor Counter with list
  • When you join Fashoncentric, your store, logo, location link (SLurl), and website or SL Marketplace link are added to the Store Guide page on this site and to our exclusive Fashioncentric Tour HUD, and will automatically update with you as your business grows. Fashioncentric shoppers access these links to find your products inworld and on the web to make purchases. Fashioncentric is your One-stop-group to show your inworld designs all over Second Life and and to interact with SL’s robust fashion community.
  • With the automated Kiosk system, being a Fashoncentric designer allows you to make changes to shop details, notice senders, URLs, etc yourself, and extends your ability to tell others about your inworld locations and website links via the Fashioncentric website.
  •  What about ratings and reviews abuse? We will investigate thoroughly and if clear evidence of abuse is found, we will delete all ratings from the offending store and they will be given one warning. If further abuse is detected, that store will be permanently banned. We do check regularly for ratings abuse!
  • Rules are enforced strictly to ensure community stability, and deliberate rule infringement will result in removal. Refunds will not be given in cases of removals for rule infringement. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the group rules before subscribing. Your kiosk must be present at your location at all times in order to remain a Fashioncentric designer with posting privileges. If a kiosk is removed, the system assumes the shop has closed and the corresponding shop will be automatically removed from Fashioncentric at the next cleanup. If this occurs, you must rez and configure your kiosk to be added again. Kiosks are no trans and subscriptions are non-refundable.

Kewl Kiosks

    Your kiosk controls your entry in the Store Guide. At any time you can move it, or reconfigure it to change any settings. Keeping the kiosk rezzed at your shop (with scripts enabled!) ensures that your shop stays in the Store Guide and that you retain the ability to post group notices. Pick a good spot for your kiosk. Fashioncentric members using the exclusive Fashioncentric Tour HUD or your teleport button in the Store Guide will teleport in 3m in front of your kiosk (unless you have a fixed landing point for your parcel). The kiosk also has a free built-in Greeter, Gift Giver, and Visitor Counter with your own custom charts and reports you can look at by simply clicking Visitors from the kiosk menu! Note that when you click your kiosk, you get the owner menu. Only the kiosk owner gets the owner menu. To see what happens when anyone else clicks your kiosk, click "Click" from the owner menu. The kiosks come in 2 intriguing styles and both are included. You may obtain the Fashioncentric kiosks inworld at the Fashioncentric HQ or on SL Marketplace.
    Locate your Fashioncentric Designers Package in your inventory and rez it. Right-click on it and select "Open", then select "Copy To Inventory". Locate the Fashioncentric Designers Package folder and open it. Inside that folder will be your Fashioncentric Kiosk Requester. Rez it and you will be given a menu of kiosk styles. Choose a kiosk style and then rez the kiosk that gets delivered to you. You will receive kiosk setup instructions when you rez your kiosk, or if you click Help on your kiosk owner menu.
    Once you have been given group access to send notices, please change your current title on the group properties page to “Fashion Maven” – this will ensure the group recognizes you as a designer. You can post notices in the group after:
    1. You have joined the Fashioncentric group
    2. Your kiosk is configured and your shop shows up in the Store Guide
    3. Your initial subscription payment is made
    4. You have sent a notecard to Galea Steinbeck (galea.yates) stating your avatar name, business name, email address, and that you just signed up to be a designer.
    You will then be able to post notices to the group within 24-48 hours and be provided with your very own access to our self-service Newness page.
    If you have multiple store locations and satellite stores, you can create separate entries for those stores in the Store Guide and the Tour HUD. Simply rez more kiosks at your other shop locations. Please note that each additional kiosk will increase your weekly subscription fee by L$25 per kiosk.
    To encourage more shoppers to rate your stores, contact us for Special Ratings Kiosks. These special kiosks only allow visitors to rate your store and don't do anything else. You can rez as many of these special ratings kiosks around your store as you like, as long as they are on the same parcel as your main Fashioncentric kiosk. We highly recommend rezzing one near all your store exits so people will notice them on the way out.
  • FEES
    For the cost of only 1 or 2 sales per month you can reap the benefits of reaching more customers, additional advertisement through our growing Store Guide, increased traffic as your shop makes it’s way to the top of that list, and greater customer satisfaction through ratings performance feedback. For just L$125 per week, you will be able to post notices to the Fashioncentric group as a designer and be listed in the Store Guide, among all the other great benefits of being a member. When your Fashioncentric subscription is near expiring, you'll get periodic reminders well ahead of time. We highly recommend you set up your IMs to go to email when you are offline so you don't miss any. If you let your subscription lapse, your listing will be removed from the list and all designer privileges will be revoked. You do not need to notify us about any moves, changes, or removals - it all happens automatically. To see what your current fees are, and how many kiosks you have active, simply click Payments from your kiosk owner menu.
    If you are having problems with your kiosk, or any aspect of using Fashioncentric, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we’re here to help. If your question is short, please use IMs so we can respond offline. Otherwise send your question on a notecard. Please also make sure you include your full avatar name and store name in the notecard. Expect a response within 1-2 business days for queries. If you haven’t received a response from us after 2 business days, please resend a notecard as we may not have received it due to heavy volume. Finally, thank you for your participation in the great Fashioncentric adventure!
    We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential. We do not sell, rent, or lease our subscription lists to third parties, and (outside of the public Store Guide) we will not provide your personal information to any third party individual or company at any time. We will use your e-mail address solely to communicate Fashioncentric information.
    Participation is voluntary. To stop participating, simply delete your kiosk at any time and your shop will automatically be removed from the database. You do not own your kiosk, your kiosk is being provided as a loaned object. You can be removed from the program and have your kiosk deleted at any time by Galea Steinbeck (galea.yates) or Sasun Steinbeck for any reason they deem necessary. By setting up and configuring your kiosk (which automatically inserts you into the database) you are agreeing to these terms.

Rawr Ratings

Please be fair and honest as designers welcome your ratings and reviews as feedback for all their hard work

Q. How can I rate and review a store? A. It's easy! While shopping at any one of our designer’s shops (Store Guide), you will find a star- rating kiosk usually near the entrance. Just click on a star located under the kiosk picture from 1-5 (5 being the best) and your rating will be automatically registered into this website's Store Guide to the designated store. A pop-up notice will also be automatically generated for an optional text review that you you may submit. You may also rate and review your favorite designers through our Exclusive Fashioncentric Tour HUD which also lets you know exactly what events are going on in the sim you're in at any given time by going into Menu (click on the picture) and simply pressing the Events button.

Q. Where can I see a store's rating and reviews? A. Store-rating information can be viewed by clicking Store Guide on the Fashioncentric website, then typing the store’s name in the search box and pressing “Search”. Reviews can be viewed by clicking on the store listings picture.

Q. How do I determine a store's rating? A. A store will receive a 1 to 5-star rating based on the level of compliance. You may use the following categories as a guideline:

  • Product quality
  • Order fulfillment
  • Maintains good business standards
  • Responds to inquiries within 2-3 business days
  • Has a clearly published policy including FAQ/returns/help
  • Resolves order problems swiftly and efficiently
  • Honors prices displayed without any hassle or excuses
  • Delivers merchandise in professional packaging
  • Provides accessible, supportive, and professional customer-service
  • Provides accurate product description and pricing