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Fashioncentric is SL’s Premier User-Ratings Fashion Group that's your one-stop group for all things fashion that lets you decide which shops are the best with your ratings & reviews and much, much more!

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Fashioncentric is the premier user-ratings group for Second Life fashion. Designers sign up to Fashioncentric to send posts of their latest sales, fashion releases, news events, and quality freebies, receive a full-featured store listing complete with picture, star-ratings, text reviews, and direct-teleport on our perpetually updated Store Guide on our website, keep shoppers up to date with our beautiful self-service syndicated Newness page that showcases their latest products, and to be featured in our exclusive Fashioncentric Tour HUD — your personal limo to all the best shops so that shoppers like you, can always have the latest, greatest in fashion! You’ll also get to show your love by rating and reviewing your favorite designers, shout it out via our Facebook and Twitter, and see which shops really are the best of the best on our website’s Store Guide. All this under one group and much, much more, just for you and it's FREE to join as a shopper. Simply press the "Join Now" button and choose whether you want to join as a shopper or designer and welcome to Fashioncentric!

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Lookin' for the latest greatest shoes? Hair emergency? Tired of joining fashion groups and digging through the countless notices being sent as the best, only to be disappointed? Your search is over! We're fashion lovers just like you covering the grid for all things fashion from your head to your toe to let YOU decide which are the best shops. So join now — RATE and REVIEW your shops, let others know your fav's and experience Fashion. Your Way.


Galea Steinbeck (galea.yates) & Sasun Steinbeck